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If you need to upload additional documents, return to the Admissions page of the website. Look for buttons to submit supplementary documentation.

What Happens Next?

In a few minutes you’ll get an automated email from our application system confirming receipt of your application. You will also get an email from PayPal with a payment receipt.

If you didn’t submit all the necessary documents (transcripts, test scores, etc) you need to upload those on our Admissions page to complete your application. We grant interviews only when a student’s application is complete.

Once your application is complete, we’ll review your materials, recommendations, test scores, academic history, and application materials. We will then contact you for an interview. Usually we schedule interviews within a few weeks of receiving a complete application. If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will schedule the interview by Skype.




Check out our Facebook page and get to know some of our students. You may meet them soon in person!

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Reading Lists

Glance at our summer reading lists we require incoming students to complete. You can get a jumpstart on your assignments by cracking open these classic titles and getting to know them a bit better.


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