Applying for Enrollment

Letters of Recommendation

Woodside International School is an accredited, college-preparatory, and co-educational independent private high school for American and International Students. Woodside successfully combines the best elements of a public school, a religious school, an independent college prep school, an English private school, and a home school. It provides diversity, structure, a broad and inclusive curriculum, learning support, good discipline, understanding,flexibility, and moral guidance. Our program provides personal tracking of each student’s progress that no large school is able to match, and our faculty is committed to giving the every student the attention they deserve.

Recommendation letters carry a great deal of weight in our admission decisions.

  • The letter of recommendation should come from the principal or a teacher who has known the student for at least a year.
  • The person recommending the student must state in what capacity he/she has known the student.
  • The letter should focus on the student’s academic and social development, discussing any difficulties the student may have had.


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