International Development Department

  • We offer outstanding programs and application guidance for international students. We help international students to get in their dream schools in the U.S. and discover their true passions in life.
  • Our services range from GPA enhancement courses, standard tests preparation, school counseling, student clubs, university applications and Winter/Summer camps.
  • Bilingual (English and Chinese) communications: Both students and parents can communicate with counselors without any language barriers. Here is the place to bridge the knowledge gap in educational practices between the U.S. and your home country.
  • Dual cultural background: Counselors understand cultural differences. We closely cooperate with international parents to help students prepare for their futures.
  • 我们为国际学生提供高品质的美国高中及大学规划及申请指导,帮助他们在美国进入理想学校,激发他们对未来生活的热情和动力。
  • 我们为国际学生提供全面的学业帮助, 包括GPA 提高课程, 标准化考试准备课程,升学咨询, 学生俱乐部建立指导,冬令营/夏令营, 以及大学申请等。
  • 我们帮助留学生及其家长平稳度过留学之初中美文化与知识碰撞的特殊时期,全程提供双语无障碍沟通。
  • 我们的资深升学顾问具有中美双重文化背景,将与家长密切配合, 帮助国际学生在美顺利完成学业, 开创美好未来。

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Alice Wang
International Development Department
WeChat: linkpluseducation
Office: 650-866-9918 or 415-564-1063
Mobile: 415-830-7909

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