College Counseling

Colleges Visiting the Area

Colleges from around the country are beginning to send their admissions officers out to meet with prospective students.  I am keeping a list of those who have notified us of their plans to come to the San Francisco area.  Flyers will be posted on the new College Counseling Bulletin Board soon!  Be sure to also check the website of colleges you are interested in–the office of admissions will post their travel dates there.  Attending these information sessions is strongly recommended for seniors and for juniors and even sophomores too!  We will also be scheduling a visit to Woodside by an admissions officer from the University of the Pacific.  Stay tuned for that upcoming date!

Seniors should all know by now that they need to have a planned schedule for taking either the SAT or the ACT this fall.  They may also want to take SAT Subject Tests depending on their situation.  International students also need to plan for taking either the TOEFL or the IELTS to test their English proficiency.  Come see Debbie if you are unsure as to how to best proceed.  Keep in mind the following immediate deadlines:

Sept. 21 ACT Test Date–the regular deadline has already passed, but you can still register late (for an additional fee) up until Sept.6.

Oct. 5 SAT (and Subject Tests) Test Date–the regular deadline is Sept. 6, with last registration extended till Sept. 20.

Juniors–you do not need to think about the ACT or the SAT until the spring!!  However–a heads up–we will be administering the PSAT to 11th grade students on October 16.  You need do nothing about it.  I will be talking to you about it next month and giving you some preparation materials.

Seniors should be making appointments to see me if they haven’t already.  We need to go over your testing plan and your tentative list of schools to which you are thinking of applying.  Parents and guardians are also welcome to set up appointments or send all questions and concerns by email.

As last year, I am on campus every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 until about 4:00.  Do remember that my office (on 17th Ave. across from the main building) has many many resources about different schools in additions to lots of reference books that can help with every aspect of the college process.  Drop in and if I am free you are welcome to browse and chat.

Junior students and families–I will be meeting with students occasionally during the fall and more regularly during the spring.  In the meantime, feel free to stop by or email with any questions or concerns.

College Visits
Area colleges are busily hosting tour groups throughout the fall.  Seniors–and juniors too!–are strongly encouraged to set up a tour and information session appointment.  By all means, try to take an official tour.  Check individual college websites to do this.

Visit to San Francisco State University–seniors will be taking a field trip to SFSU most likely in October.  You will be sent all relevant information in the next few weeks.

Clear communication is key with the college process!  Make sure to check email regularly–both students and parents/guardians.  All seniors–and a few juniors–are currently taking a weekly College Counseling class, which provides a great chance to learn more in depth about the process and to have an opportunity to get more information.  The College Counseling Bulletin Board will be up soon with timely notices.  The hope is to also have regular information posted regularly on the WIS website; we’ll keep you posted as that develops

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