Clubs & Activities

Each year we offer students the opportunity to join or create a variety of clubs of their choice. Students share passions, develop new interests and develop friendships with a wider group of peers. Students are encouraged to join groups such as:

Spanish and Russian Language Clubs

Student designed and student led. Our native speakers led students and faculty as they explored language, food, music and culture.

Sports Club

Led by our coach and designed by students. Inclusive, expansive and fun!

eSports Club

Initiated by students who wanted to game with others in the community. Students meet up, play, collaborate and compete. 

Events Planning Club

Parties, celebrations, decorations, the Prom. Students are an integral part of designing and creating exciting community experiences year round.

Peer Tutoring

Students join the Peer Tutoring Program to leverage strengths and to help support each other with academic needs. The club runs individually and in small groups. Our club builds community, fostering positive relationships and promoting mutual respect, trust, support and honest communication.

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