College Planning

  • Curriculum choices suited to students’ interests and strengths.
  • GPA enhancement strategies through customized tutoring programs.
  • Test preparation (when to take and how to prepare).
  • Life skill and character building through meaningful extracurricular activities, volunteering services, and active internships.
  • Foster empowerment through quality academic and/or non-academic youth leadership
    summer/winter programs.

College Application

  • School and Major Determination
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Brainstorming
  • Essay Consulting
  • Application Overview
  • Interview Training (if applicable)
  • Application and Essay(s) Review

Leadership Volunteer Programs

  • Multiple sessions available for local and international students during the Summer.
  • Experienced camp leaders and continuous supporting from students, parents, and volunteers.
  • Location of the leadership Camps varies,

Summer Research Programs

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotic Summer Camp

Contact us:

Ms. Sai Lin
Support Service Manager
Mobile: (408) 930-5799

Internship Placement

  • Collection Applicant’s requirements
  • Advise for resume
  • Sending resume to the job channels
  • Job matching
  • Communicate with employer
  • Arrange interview between employer and applicant
  • Confirm offer
  • Area includes: STEM, Business, Social Science and Public Health
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